img108Jakub Ochnio (born 1990) documentary photographer. Awarded by the Ministry of Culture with medal “Merit for Polish Culture.” Multiple finalist of the most important press photography contests: Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian, among others: Grand Press Photo, BZWBK Press Foto, Life Press Photo and The Circle of Life. He received more than hundred national and international prizes. Winner of the title Artiste FIAP granted by the International Federation of Photographic Art. In 2014, he received the Award of the Podkarpackie Region for outstanding achievements in the arts.

Member of Association of Polish Art Photographers, Association of Polish Journalists and the Lower Silesian Association of Photographic Artists and the PC Audiovisual. Co-founder and President of Collective Photographers AFTERIMAGE, honorary member and chairman of the Association of Photographic Art Rzeszow. Collaborator of FORUM Photographic Agency. Court expert in the field of photography at the District Court in Tarnow.

His work has been published for more than 200 exhibitions in Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Argentina, Japan, France, Spain, Egypt, the Czech Republic and the USA. He’s interested in human at documentary and reportage way – in his work focused on humanistic and social photography.Worked as a war correspondent during the conflict in Ukraine.

A graduate of ethnology (University of Wroclaw), sociology (University of Wroclaw) and journalism and social communication (University of Information Technology and Management). Three-time scholar of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Winner of the best student in Poland in the category Humanities (Student Nobel 2014).

Author of many scientific publications about photography. He belongs to the Polish Semiotic Society and the Polish Society of Social Communication. In 2015 the publishing house Unikat2, published a book of his authorship – „The language of visual communication – semantics, syntax and pragmatics of photography“.

Lecturer of University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. Many times leader of lectures and workshops from reportage, documentary, fotoedition, history of photography and press portraiture (also from the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Labour budget).

Main achievements:

  1. International Photography Award

    1. 2nd prize cat: edytorial-other (2013)

    2. honourable mention cat: edytorial-general news (2015)

    3. honourable mention cat: edytorial-political (2015)

  1. BZ WBK Press Foto

    1. 1st prize cat: news- reportage (2014)

    2. Special Award of Fujifilm (2015)

    3. 2nd prize cat: news- reportage (2016)

  1. Grand Press Photo

    1. Finalist – cat: news-single image (2012)

    2. Finalist – cat: daily life (2016)

  1. Wielki Konkurs Fotograficzny National Geographic

    1. 1st prize -cat: photoreport (2015)

  1. National Biennial of Photography “Loving human” ZPAF

    1. 1st prize (2011)

    2. 2nd prize (2015)

  1. Vilnus Photo Circle

    1. Finalist (2012, 2016)

  1. 2° Bienal Internacional Digital Fotoperiodismo A PHOTO REPORTER 2015

    1. Bronze medal CEF (2015)

  1. Life Press Photo

    1. Salon Diploma cat: spot news, series (2015)

    2. Gold medal cat: spot news, series (2016)

  1. The National Salon of Art Photography

    1. 2nd prize (2010)

    2. 3rd prize (2012)

    3. Grand Prix (2015)

  1. National Photography Competition “All Children of the World”

    1. 2 nagroda (2010)

    2. 1 nagroda (2012)

  1. Fotoreporter Roku 2015

    1. 1st prize category New Poland (2016)

  1. International Photographer of the Year:

    1. 2nd price cat: Edytorial – daily life (2016)

    2. Honourable Mention cat: Photo essay – story (2016)

  1. Fine Art. Photography Award

    1. Nominee Award cat: Photojournalism (2016)

  1. Moscow International Photography Award

    1. Honourable Mention cat: Edytorial: political (2016)

    2. Honourable Mention cat: Edytorial: photo essay (2016)

  1. Px3 Paris Photo Price

    1. Honourable Mention cat: press/political (2016)

  1. Tokio International Fine Awards

    1. Bronze Winner cat. edytorial – political (2016)

    2. Honourable Mention cat. edytorial – conflict (2016)